Registering for an Event

In order to plan properly for events and camp outs we ask families to let us know whether or not they plan to attend. You must be a registered member of the Wichita Nation before you can register for an event.

Simply go to…

Once you log in you will see a list of available events. If the event is green, then you have already registered for that event. If not, click on the event and it will take you to the event registration tab.

Click the box labeled “register details” and a page will open that has a check box with registered family members. All family members will be checked so you have to uncheck the box next to any family members that will not be attending.

Once you have selected desired names, click the green box that says “register”.
An additional dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the order. Once confirmed you are registered for the event and will receive a confirmation email.

Again…if you have any questions…feel free to contact the Nation Chief at