Camp Outs are a core part of the Wichita Nation. It is a great opportunity for Dads and Sons to escape the distractions of TV, Video Games and Social Media.
You don’t have to be the most skilled outdoorsman to camp with us. We typically camp in State Parks with access to water and electricity. Most of the tribes share the cooking duties so not everyone has to bring cooking gear.
Many tribes arrive on Friday night and enjoy spending unstructured time as Fathers and Sons. On Saturday afternoon we have Nation Games. The Nation Bonfire is on Saturday night along with different ceremonies associated with that particular camp out. Sunday morning the Nation gets together for an inspirational time that also includes awards for Nation Games and Fishing Contests.
The goal of the Wichita Nation is to become “Pals Always” with our sons. Our Motto is to “Take only Memories and Leave Only Footprints”.
If you would like to visit us during a camp out feel free to contact the Nation Chief at